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My own film intro :) Done with Blender 2.63.

Thank you all! …

Thank you all! I have surpassed the 1,000 mark of all time views. Many bloggers would laugh about it, but I want to thank you all. You have always encouraged me to publish new more or less good content! Thousand thanks!


Let’s go to the 10 000 mark!

Crysis 3 – CryENGINE 3 Possibilities


A very good video which shows the possibilities of the
CryEngine 3 and the next AAA game Crysis 3.

(PS: This video is not from me… it is from the channel of GamerSpawn. Visit his YouTube channel to learn more about him and his videos.)

Who fights can lose. Who…

Trimmed version of photograph released from th...

Bertolt Brecht in 1954. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who fights can lose. Who does not fight has already lost.

Bertolt Brecht

Quote: A mother is the only person…

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A mother is the only person on earth who loves you even before he knows you.

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Happy Mother’s Day!

Rose മലയാളം: പനിനീര്‍പ്പൂവ്‍

Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poem: Life is like a shadow

A little poem from me :)

The poem is translated into English, so it has not a good quality. If you are able to translate it better please commit. It is very difficult to translate a poem.

A remnant of reached light,
As black as anything in this little world,
Deep dipped in feasting completed gout,
So strong and big as my tent.

They will give me victims,
Pain will not escape,
Proudly, I have to force them,
Only then, I will win it.

Silent as a rock,
Powerful like lead,
Fatal and pure,
Foolish and free.

She is mine, but also yours,
She hangs free over me,
A tent without a being
The distinctive time in you.

Weak, small, noisy and cold,
So I quickly freeze.
Oh beautiful as we.
If I lose it at some point?

Now the original German version: Read More…

Quote: There is no way to peace…

Statue of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on Harris...

Statue of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on Harris Promenade, with mala. (Photo credit: TaranRampersad)

There is no way to peace, because peace is the way.

Mahatma Gandhi


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