Crysis 3: Single Player Trailer

Yeah! A new Crysis 3 trailer (in the Crysis YouTube channel) is out and it is fantastic. I really wonder how the story will be!

I expect a lot, hopefully it will not flop.  However, the new trailer gives me confidence. Crysis 3 (and GTA V) will be the best games in 2013!

Yeah! Well done Crytek.

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About PearCoding

Hi, my name is Ömercan Yazici and I am a student from Germany. I am the founder of the Pear3DEngine project and some other little projects. My hobbies include programming, reading, cycling, reading again, walking, thinking, writing, and again reading, physics, mathematics, biology, philosophy, politics and of course reading. I also write a novel... See my blog, my Facebook profile or visit me on Twitter ;)

4 responses to “Crysis 3: Single Player Trailer”

  1. Alex says :

    Hi! Say me please, how is Pear3DEngine? i hope you not stopped?
    My little team chose it for our big project (details later)/
    But for start working we need a little more features)
    I just want say we need you:)

    • omercan1993 says :

      Thanks for “using” my engine. It really means a lot :D
      I can say that the engine is still a life, but currently school is really busy, due to the fact that it is my last year. After school I will study. In the first two semesters (hopefully) I will have time to improve my engine (and add new great features I thought about).
      Pear3DEngine is not dead, maybe paused, but not dead :D
      Ahh, and there is also a problem with the website in SourceForge… I think I will buy my own domain soon and publish the new website I have created some months ago.
      It would be really great when you could tell me, what your big project is about. I’m very curious about that :D You can write an pm to me.


      • Alex says :

        Sorry, I can`t find how to write private message:(
        Maybe you tell your email or write on my: alex(dot)demchenko(dot)84@gmail(dot)com

      • omercan1993 says :

        you can write here:
        This is my developer address :)

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