Hi guys!

Sorry for the long time of inactivity. I’m very very busy right now, due to the final exams in school. I really want to keep this little blog on update, but it is not possible. I will be inactive for the next month too. Sorry about that, but the comeback will come :D

Stay active and positive!


omercan1993 (better know as PearCoding now)

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About PearCoding

Hi, my name is Ömercan Yazici and I am a student from Germany. I am the founder of the Pear3DEngine project and some other little projects. My hobbies include programming, reading, cycling, reading again, walking, thinking, writing, and again reading, physics, mathematics, biology, philosophy, politics and of course reading. I also write a novel... See my blog, my Facebook profile or visit me on Twitter ;)

2 responses to “Busy”

  1. Alex says :

    Hi! I’m interested in the fate of your Pear3DEngine:) I hope he’s not completely abandoned? :)

    • omercan1993 says :

      Hi Alex :)

      Thanks for the interest. It means a lot.
      Now to Pear3DEngine. No, the project is not abandoned. It has even got better, compared to 2012. I have finished my school now and will start studying Computer Science soon, so this project will follow me through my whole study, but I’m just one guy, developing something, which normaly is done with a group containing 10-100 people. I do not know if my project will be finished in the next ten years.
      So, in a nutshell. Pear3DEngine is not abadoned, but will take a lot of time.


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