Hello (to start simply)

Coat of arms of Schleswig-Holstein


My name is Ömercan Yazici and I am a student from Germany. I live near Hamburg. In the beautiful north, which is surrounded by two bitter cold oceans. Sometimes this two oceans strike back. Still, I love it. My Schleswig-Holstein.

My hobbies include programming, reading, cycling, reading again, walking, thinking, and again reading, physics, mathematics, biology, philosophy and of course reading. Besides, I am involved politically and voluntary and write many programs. I have started many IT projects, but unfortunately I have not currently finished someone :/

One of my best and biggest projects is the Pear3DEngine project. Pear3DEngine is an application framework for 3D games and applications. It allows to create games or applications and allows to sell them. This engine / framework should implement and offer the latest methods and algorithms in the computer graphics scene. Therefore this engine should be the framework of choice for developers or studios, when dealing with realism. This project is also open source. So, perfect for everyone, including young and old :)

Clockface of an old spring-cover clock


To come back to my hobbies I can say that I love to read books. Why? Quite simply. With books, I learn many new things and get the opportunity to educate myself. Also I can plunge down into other worlds and sometimes forget the bleak times around me.

Time is something I and the entire society have hardly any. Time is my enemy, but my hope at the same time. It is what you or I make of it.

One main reason why I like books so much is the fact that I write a novel. More about my novel can you find in this blog, I hope.
Besides, the whole hobby and leisure stuff, I still have school. I walk straight through each year and currently attend the twelfth grade. So only one more year to complete. After school, I would like to study physics or computer science (or both?).
Along this path I will always have my goals in mind and follow my own path which is always freshly drawn (Yes, I love drawing!) because I want to go my own way and not the path that others have already gone for me.

Finally, this blog is all about this. (He he) Well not completely.
In this blog I write down my thoughts and my ideas. The spectrum is very large. However, I will restrict myself mainly to IT, literature and politics and their future development. But this is only an abstract leitmotif. Everything can still change.
So now I am done with this page (or not?).
I hope you are interested in some of the described contents or categories. So do not forget to follow my blog. And if not. No panic, I can and would do nothing. :D

Hope to see you again

Ömercan Yazici

Have fun in life, but keep the control, otherwise someone will control you.

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