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SourceForge and the lost of Hosted Apps


SourceForge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No Piwik, no MediaWiki, no Trac, …

SourceForge is closing his Hosted Apps service: Hosted apps retirement

As a SourceForge fan and user I’m a bit sad but I think it is a right decision. The old hosted apps service never gives you the necessary access and space to do something like to add a new extension into your MediaWiki instance. Now (in fact you could even do it sooner) you can start your own hosted app in your own project-web space. I have done it and merged my old wiki ( to a new point (

But there is one very big problem… SourceForge allows only 16 Mb PHP memory space… this is not enough and the reason for the bad links [1] in the wiki. Hopefully they promised to work on the MediaWiki issues. So I’m looking forward!

PS: The old wiki links are now broken, I will change every link to the new url soon.

Pear3DEngine – Small pixels draw a world

DebugDraw1Finally, there is something to see. Okay, not very pretty. But that’s just the beginning.

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Pear3DEngine – Yet another design map

A new design map has just been released. The older one was much too old, so we present you the newest and probably best design map you have ever seen! Sarkastisches Smiley

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Pear3DEngine – and now?

The Pear3DEngine logoPear3DEngine is a modern and modular 3D development framework that lets you create professional games, simulations and more. You are free to develop your program in C++, XML or LUA and publish it as open source software or selling it as a commercial program. The rendering engine uses internally OpenGL or DirectX optionally. The planned editor supports software development on Linux, Windows and maybe MacOS X. DirectX 9 and Windows XP are not supported and support is not planned in the future. One goal of the Pear3DEngine Framework is to use the latest and most promising algorithms and techniques from the 3D and IT scene.

This is the description of the engine that you can find on SourceForge. But why a new engine? Are there not enough in the world?

Of course the engine is open source. But is this a right to exist? Read More…

Quick Tip: Virtual Box and his path problem…

Installation failed! Error: System can not find the path specified.

This error is not old, and the solution presented here is not new, yet I would like to introduce you to it, so you do not need to google thousand times to find the right solution. Read More…

Web 3D… a new approach toward global meet…

English: A screen shot from http://tubagames.n...

A game written in WebGL. © Wikipedia

WebGL is a new way to include 3D graphics into html. Read More…


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