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Crysis 3: Single Player Trailer

Yeah! A new Crysis 3 trailer (in the Crysis YouTube channel) is out and it is fantastic. I really wonder how the story will be!

I expect a lot, hopefully it will not flop.  However, the new trailer gives me confidence. Crysis 3 (and GTA V) will be the best games in 2013!

Yeah! Well done Crytek.

The summit of graphic arts – Crysis 3


I know… I am late. Crysis 3 was already announced by EA and COD Black Ops 2 steals him often the show. But therefore the graphics are awesome. Awesome tessellation, great lighting, crazy SSS and many more. And of course every time real-time. Let’s get started with Crysis 3!

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Pear3DEngine – Yet another design map

A new design map has just been released. The older one was much too old, so we present you the newest and probably best design map you have ever seen! Sarkastisches Smiley

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